Survey Results:

58% indicated county leadership had done an exceptional job during pandemic

37% indicated they had done a satisfactory job

5% indicated they had not done a good job

50% indicated they were doing okay mentally and emotionally

41% indicated they were doing okay but had some mental and emotional concerns

8% indicated they were experiencing a significant amount of emotional and mental issues

30% of respondents stated they were excited and ready to go back to work

25% stated they would go back to work with some reservations

9% said they'd go back if forced but had major reservations

7% said they wouldn't return because they had major health concerns

29% didn't respond

20% of respondents worked full-time and on-site during the pandemic

14% worked full-time from home

19% worked a combination of home and on-site

22% reported being furloughed or laid off

25% didn't respond

57% stated they were wearing masks when they went outside the home

90% were frequently disinfecting personal items

92% were washing their hands often

72% were avoiding crowds of over 10 people