The Morristown West and Jefferson County cross country teams finished the Region 1-AAA cross country meet in Gray with individual state qualifiers.

Ashlyn Haas of West placed 14th with a time of 21:13 to qualify for the state meet on the girls' team while the Lady Trojans finished fifth overall as a team with a team time of 1:54:44.

On the boys side, Jefferson County's Lucas Bales placed eighth with a time of 17:31. Nick Sexton placed 12th with a time of 17:56 and Brando Resendiz placed 13th with a time of 18:01 for West. All three boys placed as qualifiers for the state cross country meet while Morristown West placed fourth overall as a team with a total team time of 1:31:56 and Jefferson County finished fifth overall with a team time of 1:32:38.

Morristown East finished seventh overall with a team time of 2:17:34 on the girls' side and placed seventh overall with a team time of eighth with a team time of 1:38:52.

For the Lady 'Canes, Emma Ventura (23:32) placed 32nd, Amanda Bean (25:08) placed 42nd, Erin Baskette (26:58) placed 54th, Jocelyn Lopez (29:48) placed 59th and Alyssa Word (32:06) placed 61st.

For East's boys team, Dermot Sadlon (18:16) placed 21st, Uriel Correa (18:59) placed 34th, Logan Jarnigan (19:45) placed 48th, Cory Noe (20:18) placed 58th, Oscar Delgado (21:32) placed 70th, Ethan Johnson (21:34) placed 71st and Oscar Albines (24:45) placed 75th.

Outside of Haas on the girls' side, Peyton Couch (21:33) placed 17th, Katie Tran (23:47) placed 33rd, Aisha Lawson (23:47) placed 35th, Molly Wright (24:30) placed 41st, Savannah Farmer (25:37) placed 44th, Megan Schang (26:04) placed 47th, Isabel Duval (26:10) placed 48th and Lani Helton (26:47) placed 53rd for the Lady Trojans.

On the boys' side for West, Zachary Henry (18:21) placed 24th, Jaiden Carmichael (18:35) placed 28th, Luis Bautista Garcia (19:00) placed 35th, Jessie Ramos (19:00) placed 36th, Elias Perez (19:29) placed 42nd, Eluzia Flores-Melcher (20:13) placed 54th, Edgar Martinez (20:50) placed 64th and Brayden Driver (21:12) placed 68th.

For the Jefferson County's girls team, Kaite McSpadden (22:45) placed 28th, Madyson Hayward (28:56) placed 57th and Jasmine Morales (30:29) placed 60th. Outside of Bales, Gage Slagle (18:25) placed 25th, Josiah Christian (18:45) placed 29th, Gabe Mills (18:54) placed 33rd, Connor Hodgson (19:02) placed 37th, John Bales (19:18) placed 39th, Michael Johnson (19:30) placed 44th, Samuel Runyan (19:41) placed 46th, Gavin Slagle (20:03) placed 52nd and Adolfo Zapata (20:33) placed 60th.

Haas, Bales, Sexton and Resendiz will compete in the State Cross Country Meet for large schools Thursday Nov. 4 in Hendersonville, TN. Girls will begin at 1 p.m. (EST) and the boys will begin at 1:50 p.m. (EST).

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