On Thursday afternoon, the TSSAA announced reclassification for the 2021-2022 athletic seasons and with the announcement comes significant change for Morristown East and Morristown West.

The most significant change comes on the football field. Since 2017, Morristown West has been in Class 6A while Morristown East remained in 5A. To be in 6A, the school’s enrollment must be over 1500 students.

Now, both teams will flip flop. Morristown West, with an enrollment of 1477 students will move down to 5A, taking on the likes of Cocke County, Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Cherokee and Tennessee High. Volunteer has moved from 5A down to 4A.

Meanwhile, Morristown East will be moving up to 6A with their enrollment of 1619 students. Morristown East will take on Science Hill, Dobyns-Bennett, Farragut, Bearden, Hardin Valley and Jefferson County.

Other changes in football in the Lakeway Area pit Cosby back down in 1A after playing in 2A since 2015. Lakeway Christian will enter next year into DII-A.

School will have until Oct. 29 to decide if they want to move/play up a class.

In basketball, baseball and softball, things will significantly change as the TSSAA is adding a new class, Class AAAA, to the three sports. Both Morristown East and West will be in the new class along with Jefferson County. Those three teams will most likely be joined by Dobyns-Bennett and Science Hill.

Lakeway Christian will be in DII-A in all sports.

For other sports, Morristown East and West will remain in Class AAA. To see where every school in the state falls, check tssaa.org.