Smokin’ Bases used two doubles from Andrew Haggard to take down the Shanks 13-3 in the Rec League’s Men’s Fall Tournament at Jones-Hodge last Friday. The Shanks got a double from Chris Henderson.

Topknots & Tails and Akita Express advanced due to forfeits over Hit R’ Miss and Short Styx. Dad Bods and Noggin Knockers ended in a double forfeit.

In Women’s Volleyball action, Morristown Logistics took down the Pretenders 2-1, Seegence won 3-0 over Valley Girls, Sugar & Spikes won 3-0 over Ross The Boss, Jefferson Family Physicians won 3-0 over Colorettes, RBC swept Colorettes 3-0 and RBC took out Companion Church 3-0.

Lakeway Door & Glass won 3-0 over Settin Pretty, Good Volley Miss Molley won 2-1 over KFC Chicks and Spike Lee’s won 2-1 over Holt’s IGA.

In Men’s Volleyball, Vertically Challenged defeated Young & Restless 2-1