LCA wrestlers honored

Braden Ivy (middle left) and Keyveon Roller (middle right) were awarded their resolution for winning the Division II-A Wrestling State Championship. Mariam Faison (left), wife of State Representative Jeremy Faison, awarded the two wrestlers with their resolutions at Lakeway Christian Academy on Tuesday afternoon.

Keyveon Roller’s statement:

“I am grateful for the opportunity I have being at Lakeway Christian Academy and being around such a high-level coach and great teammates. It was a humbling moment that Braden and myself were the first state champs here at Lakeway.”

Braden Ivy’s statement:

“I’m honored. I’m thankful for my coach, my teammates, my mom and my dad. It’s something else I can add to my resume. I know it is a big accomplishment for me. I have to dedicate this award to my mom and dad.”