It has been a long 14 days since the Lakeway Christian Academy Lions football team has faced off in competition.

Due to some COVID-19 issues, the Lions have been on pause since their last game against Asheville School in North Carolina on Sept. 25. Fortunately, LCA is back in action this Friday at 7 p.m. against Grace Baptist out of Chattanooga at Lakeway Stadium.

“We are always focusing on the details and the fundamentals for every game,” head coach Jermel Jones of LCA said. “We are trying to find a way to put it all together. We see ourselves improving each week and fighting for all four quarters, we just haven’t been able to get the big plays and the big stops to win a game. We are feeling good where we are at right now.

LCA (0-4) has put up plenty of fight this season considering it is its first official football season. The Lions have fallen short against some tough opponents.

They could add a win to the win column against Grace Baptist (0-7), though.

The two-week break has left the Lions a little out of rhythm considering there have not been any games or much practicing going on for them. Jones sees it as no problem and expects his kids to still put up the same fight they have shown all year.

“We have had to do some things differently during the time we have been out,” Jones said. “We have had some kids out and some things going on but I think we are fully prepared to get back in the action.

“I think my kids are mentally ready. It has been two weeks since we have played a game and that can sometimes leave kids trying to get back to game form. I think we are fine and are ready to get back out there.”

Grace Baptist plays an old-style offense by running the Wing-T formation leaving the game plan for Jones to play true assignment football on the defensive end.

“(Grace Baptist) likes to run a Wing T offense so we have to play assignment football to almost perfection,” Jones said. “They like to get out there and run the ball and line different players up at different positions with their offense. It’s something we know could be challenging for us if we don’t line up correctly and pay attention. We hope to get some stops and flip them into points on the board.”

If the Lions can get some stops, they have an opportunity to put some points on the board, which they struggled with in the last game.

Despite the struggles and a bit of a rough season, Jones has seen his kids put up a fight every single time out and he considers that a big improvement in themselves considering the triumphs faced.

“I can’t say enough about how proud I am of this program,” Jones said. “Yeah, we haven’t got a win this season but the way these kids have fought and shown their will to work makes me happy as a coach. We are a young team and have had some injuries with other things to battle through this season. They have stuck it out and competed each game.”

LCA has battled with quite a bit of injuries, schedule changing, and a COVID-19 pause this season but none of that has slowed down the Lions’ competitiveness.

Both LCA and Grace Baptist are looking for its first win on Friday but a win for the Lions can shift the program in the right direction.

“Maybe we can get out there and get us a win,” Jones said. “That will help our program a lot. It will show us that we can win a game and we will know the feeling of that. I believe a win would make us all proud of the work we have been putting in. It will show it has paid off and that we can win some games.”