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Q: What do you think about the pseudo-bubble the NCAA is attempting for the tournament? Is it going to work?

A: The more controlled the environment, the better, and this seems to be about as controlled as a tournament of this size can get. A few locations for games. Hotels with teams assigned to separate floors. No airplanes or airports once everybody arrives. It's not perfect, but I think it has a better chance than the alternative of producing a tournament that can be finished, and that's the No. 1 goal for the NCAA.​ Recent postponements and pauses have raised questions about if the college basketball season will get to the tournament. It will. It might be a mangled mess getting there, but it's going to get there one way or another, even if it means dropping the 13-game requirement for NCAA tournament eligibility. As the Big Ten football team taught us, there are no rules this season.


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