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Q: What does the future look like for Cardinals catcher Andrew Knizner?

Toasty Tuesday workout  in Jupiter

Cardinals catcher Andrew Knizner makes a throw during a spring training drill. (Post-Dispatch photo by Laurie Skrivan)

A: It was interesting to hear Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak say during one of his recent Zoom interviews that he thinks the Cardinals -- if they don't figure out a way to bring back Yadier Molina -- would probably need to make some sort of addition at catcher, instead of saying the plan would be to play Knizner every day. This is a tough spot for Knizner to be in because he's at risk of becoming the prospect who needs to play but yet isn't ready to play every day in the majors. If Yadier Molina returns, it might be wise for the Cardinals to package Knizner in a deal that bolsters a weakness, because at some point he's nearing declining asset territory.


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