Minor League Scores


Braves 12, Giants 6

The Braves took care of business in Tuesday’s makeup game against the Giants with a 12-6 victory.

Caleb Shepard and Collin Rouse led the way with two singles each. Brantley Earls and Preston Bowers each added a single for the Braves to aid the victory.

Shepard went down as the winning pitcher as Kipton Gable took the loss on the mound for the Giants.

Brady McBee knocked a double in the defeat.

Astros 7, Athletics 1

Pitcher Bentley Weede led the way for the Astros in their 7-1 victory over the Athletics in a makeup game.

The Athletics had some success at the plate but could not string together the runs. Trooper Rades finished with a triple and Bryson Emmons had two singles for the Athletics. Colt Wilder and Luke Galler helped with their singles.

Wilder took the loss at the mound for the Athletics.

Mets 6, Nationals 2

The Mets handed the Nationals a 6-2 loss in a makeup game on Tuesday behind success at-bat.

Jake Davis led the way for the Mets with his triple and single. Hunter McCullough also added a triple while Nathan Mills knocked a single in the game.

The Athletics’ Si Hunter hit a single while taking the loss at the mound.

Kipton Smith took the win after pitching through the 6-2 win for the Mets.

Blue Jays 11, Angels 5

The Angels couldn’t hang around with the Blue Jays in their makeup game as they fell 11-5 behind Cooper Kinsler’s performance at the mound for the Blue Jays.

Roman Linkous and Liam Wolfe each knocked a double in the win while Kinsler and Cooper Miller added a single apiece.

Spencer Brown and Trevor Eubanks each hit a double for the Angels as Cooper Hill added a single in the loss.

Spencer Brown took the loss at the mound for the Angels.


Braves 12, Nationals 2

The Braves kept their dominance up with a 13-2 victory over the Nationals in the first round of the Minor League Tournament.

Collin Rouse led the way at the mound for the Braves for the victory as Tucker Garner took the loss for the Nationals.

The Nationals could not get a hit off against Rouse as he threw a no-hitter.

Caleb Shepard led the way at the plate for the Braves with a double and two singles. Collin Rouse added two singles as well and Brantley Earls hit a single in the win.

Pirates 9, Mets 2

The Pirates soared to a 9-2 victory over the Mets in the first round of the Minor League Tournament behind Nolan Sizemore at the mound.

Lake Synamon added a triple in the win and Nolan Sizemore knocked a double to help out.

Kipton Smith had a single for the Mets while taking the loss as the pitcher. Smith’s teammate, Jake Davis, also added a single.

Astros 1, Angles 0

The Astros won its Minor League Tournament game by forfeit against the Angels.

Athletics 10, Blue Jays 4

The Athletics made sure to come out with the win in the first round of the Minor League Tournament with a 10-4 victory over the Blue Jays.

Landon Banes grabbed the win at the mound for the Athletics while Porter Drinnon took the loss for the Blue Jays.

Colt Wilder added two singles and two runs for the Athletics.

Cooper Kinsler had a single and added a run for the Blue Jays.