Guidebook designed to  introduce readers to the county

The guidebook is an annual publication of the Citizen Tribune. It’s designed to help newcomers to Hamblen County and Morristown learn something about their new community, while it also provides longtime residents with updates and data about services and recreation opportunities.

In this guidebook you will find information about local government offices, schools, utilities, clubs, medical services, parks and much more, including the names of officials you may wish to contact.

The city of Morristown was incorporated in the spring of 1855. It was named in honor of Gideon Morris, the first settler who farmed 400 acres and lived off what is now South Cumberland Street. Hamblen County was formed in 1870 and Morristown was chosen as the county seat.

In the 2010 national census, Morristown had a population of 29,137. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2017 estimated population for the city was 29,771 while Hamblen County had an estimated population of 64,277.

Morristown is the retail shopping and employment hub of the Lakeway Area, which includes Hamblen and all surrounding counties. It has been designated the hub of a Metropolitan Statistical Area which includes Jefferson and Grainger counties. In addition to many chain stores, the city has College Square Mall and a variety of restaurants. In the early 1900s, city leaders decided to concentrate on making Morristown an industrial and manufacturing city. That effort continues today and is the reason so many people from adjoining counties work in Morristown. Morristown has several city parks and Hamblen County has one. The park system is quickly gaining a reputation as a disk golf location.

City and county parks host a trio of varying and challenging courses that attract players from across the southeast. The county also boasts one state park, Panther Creek, located in the northwest section. There is a strong interest in the arts is the area. The center of the arts movement is Rose Center, housed in a red brick former school built in 1892. Hamblen County has one of the best rated school systems in Tennessee, being recognized by both state and national organizations. There is also a community college, along with several private schools.

Perhaps the greatest asset the city and county have to offer is the friendly people who support a host of non-profit agencies, theater groups and local sports.

They are the kind of people who are willing to help a neighbor and will always welcome newcomers to the community.