From Staff Reports

Rebekah Nester, 18, a senior at Morristown-Hamblen High School East, likes choir because it’s where she gets to do what she loves.

Her parents are Keven and Freda Nester, of Morristown.

Her favorite movie is “Forrest Gump,” favorite TV show is “NCIS,” and favorite book is “Holly’s Heart.”

She is chaplain of the advanced choir and leader in First Priority.

In her spare time, Rebekah likes to crochet and play piano. She performs with her a cappella group, Category 6. She is also a member of Communion Worship, a worship band.

If she won one million dollars, she would pay off any school costs she had and donate a sizable amount to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Rebekah plans to attend Carson-Newman University to major in vocal music education. She is hoping to teach elementary school music.

Rebekah’s younger sister is her role model. “Even though she is younger than me, I love how dedicated and passionate she is about the things she does. I admire the way she approaches situations even when they are difficult. She inspires me to have the faith like hers and to stand up for myself and what I believe in.”

She has become adversity to get where she is. “In middle school, I had become a very introverted person and completely shut down my outside of school activities. I didn’t perform, sing or play very often after not making the talent show my sixth grade year. Thanks to Mr. Moore, my freshman and sophomore years, I opened up and have been shaped into the person I am today.”

She sees the lack of face-to-face communications as being the greatest challenge to young people today. “I’m not great at it; however, it’s something that our generation struggles with due to so much technology. I feel that we will eventually overcome this when people realize how unsocial we’ve become.”

The most interesting place she has visited is Saint Augustine, Florida. “I liked it because of the historical aspects. It was really neat to see where people came when the Americas were first discovered.”

If she could change anything about her school, Rebekah would change class requirements and schedules. “Less credit requirements and more class periods would allow students in the future to do more classes they enjoy, such as fine arts.”

When offering advice to underclassmen, Rebekah would advise them to branch out and try to enjoy these four years. “Find what you love and do that. Don’t let anybody stop you.”

She sees the lack of mutual respect as being the greatest challenge facing America today. “I would start with kids in school, teaching them that is okay to not agree with someone.”

The most exciting event or moment in her life was going to Walt Disney World with her choir last year over spring break. “It was so fun to be with my friends in one of the most special places on Earth.”