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Three major livestock producing organizations in Colorado announced on Monday they have formed Coloradans Protecting Wildlife. The coalition is in the early staging of the pushback against the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project’s petitioning for the reintroduction of wolves into Colorado, specifically in the San Juan Mountains.

My boat drifted along the edge of a weed-covered mid-river shoal. My boat partner, John Yankovich, casted his Picasso spinnerbait to a pocket of calm water located at the downstream tip of the shoal. His rod soon bent under the load of a heavy fish, one that proved to be a 3.25-pound smallmouth bass. It was one of several quality-sized smallmouth bass brought to the boat during a recent outing.

Black bear and cougar (mountain lion or puma) attacks in Paradise are extremely rare, really, and grizzly attacks are so far nonexistent. Still, for some reason I’m hearing several questions and concerns from homies lately. This may have been triggered by the push of some agencies and groups to return grizzlies to the Cascades, the reports of recent grizzly bear attacks in the northern Rockies, or the ongoing discussions of recent bear and cougar attacks in Canada. Be that as it may, this seems like a good time for a look at predators and our interactions with them (note that for this week’s discussion, I am excluding wolves and grizzlies).

A new study using a NASA satellite instrument orbiting Earth has found that small, environmental changes in polar food webs significantly influence the boom-and-bust cycles of phytoplankton. These findings will supply important data for ecosystem management, commercial fisheries and our understanding of the interactions between Earth’s climate and key ocean ecosystems, NASA said.

WASHINGTON -- In the final weeks of the Obama administration, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is finalizing rules that would further restrict the management of non-federal oil and gas development on lands of the National Wildlife Refuge System. The Obama Administration has said protecting and expanding refuges is part of the president's environmental legacy.