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TAYLOR, Wis. – Trying new things is the norm for Steve Kling on his dairy farm in Jackson County, Wisconsin. This past year his experiments included flint corn, grazing corn and brassicas. Even though the summer didn’t always go as planned, Kling says he learned from his observations of what happened in his fields. He shared his newfound knowledge at a Coulee Graziers Network pasture walk.

DODGEVILLE, Wis. – 1dr Acres Farm near Dodgeville, managed by Cherrie Nolden and Allen Philo, has 50 acres on the home farm along with 80 acres of additional forest. The two rotationally graze goats, horses, beef, sheep, pigs and poultry – all protected by guardian dogs that allow them to keep the animals on-pasture year-round. They use continuous perennial cover and holistic planned grazing with multiple species along with properly timed conventional fertility applications. The farm is surrounded by buffers of tall vegetation that intercept water and nutrients.

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DEFOREST, Wis. – Blue Star Dairy Farms has a strong emphasis on genetic progress and it shows, says Susie Martin, a genetic consultant for CentralStar Cooperative. The DeForest-area dairy farm’s current pregnancy rate is 38 percent and its conception rate for all services is 51 percent. With those numbers and the farm’s overall genetics program, Blue Star Dairy Farms recently earned a CentralStar Cooperative ReproStar Award. The award recognizes dairy herds with 12-month pregnancy rates of 34 percent or more.