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Both the prophet Ezekiel in the Old Testament and the apostle John in the book of Revelation are handed scrolls to eat. Each scroll represents the Word of God. It’s sweet to the taste, like honey; both Ezekiel and John confirm that. But John is cautioned that once that scroll he’d eaten hit his stomach it would become sour or bitter.


(NAPSI)—Most people would probably agree that having a dog charge at them and bite is a frightening experience. The Postal Service reports that that is exactly what happened to over 5,800 letter carriers in 2020. That represented an increase over the previous year. Several things added to th…

Wisconsin’s Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant program was introduced in the 2015-2017 Wisconsin state budget, designed to provide funding to farmers willing to lead conservation efforts in watersheds. The first round of grants totaling $242,550 was awarded to 14 producer-led groups. The program has continued to grow, with the 2019-2021 budget authorizing annual program funding totaling $750,000. Thirty groups of farmers were awarded that full amount of funding in November 2020.