Two Sneedville residents face numerous drug charges

Two Sneedville residents are facing a variety of drug charges in connection with an incident in the Clinch Valley community of Hawkins County Wednesday.

Shenessa Leigh Lawson, 37, of State Highway 66, and Billy Roy Lawson, 40, of Mary Trent Road, were charged by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. Shenessa Lawson is charged with possession of Schedule III, IV and VI drugs; possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of legend drugs and introduction, Billy Lawson was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license. He had active warrants for show cause and failure to appear.

In a report filed by Deputy Dustin Winter, of the HCSO, he was behind a 2001 Honda Civic on Clinch Valley Road when the car stopped at the Clinch Valley Volunteer Fire Department, where Winter made a traffic stop. As Winter interviewed both Lawsons to ask what they were doing at the fire hall, he observed a crowbar at Billy Lawson’s feet. When asked to provide identification, both voluntarily complied. A records search found that Billy Lawson was driving on a license that was suspended in 2012.

Billy Lawson was informed that he was being arrested on the two outstanding charges and also gave consent to search the car.

A search led to discovery of baggies in the passenger floorboard and door handle where Shenessa Lawson had been sitting before being told to get out of the car. Under her seat, Winter found three used syringes and two baggies. Shenessa Lawson also said that there may have been some hypodermic needles in the car. A search of her pocketbook resulted in discovery of three syringes filled with blood and one that was filled with a pale orange substance identified as Subutex. Also discovered in Shenessa Lawson’s purse were two glass methamphetamine pipes and a marijuana pipe. After reading both their Miranda rights, a 3 gram marijuana joint was discovered in Shenessa Lawson’s colored pencil bag. Also discovered was a spoon with drug residue in the driver’s side door.

Both Lawsons stated to Winter that they have a history of drug use.

Before being placed in Winter’s patrol car, both were asked if they had any illegal items on their person. Shenessa Lawson pulled a syringe and glass pipe out of her bra. When arriving at Hawkins County Jail, a female corrections officer searched Shenessa Lawson and discovered a Neurotin pill and 9 Tizanadine pills hidden in her bra.

Both remain in custody at Hawkins County Jail pending arraignment.