As local efforts get fully underway to reopen the economy, the Citizen Tribune is introducing a new program designed to help local businesses get their message out to the community.

The Local Business Matching Grant Program is offering $20,000 in marketing grants to small businesses as they try to weather the storm of COVID-19.

Through the program. Lakeway Area businesses can apply for a matching grant of up to $500 per month to help them recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For more than five decades, one of the prime missions of the Citizen Tribune has been to help connect local advertisers with their customers,” Tribune Editor/Publisher R. Michael Fishman said. “Marketing is a key component for local business success and that doesn’t stop just because times have gotten tough. A successful business has to successfully market itself to the community it serves.

“Even during these difficult times, the Citizen Tribune is reaching a wider audience than at any other time in its historic 50 years serving the Lakeway Area. We see our friends and neighbors struggling and we want to help. This is the best way we can think of to do that.”

The program runs through June 30 and is available for a wide variety of print and online ads.

“We came up with the grant program to be a stimulus for businesses that have struggled during these unprecedented times,” Tribune Marketing Director Mike Walker said. “Basically, we will match any dollars for advertising in print and online on at up to $500. We just want to help them reach the community and let the area know what’s going on in their business.”

Successful applicants can use their grant funds toward print or digital advertising options as specified online at For more on the program, or to apply, go to the Tribune’s website, and click the Matching Grant Program link under the Home button in the navigational bar.

“A community newspaper is only as strong as the community it serves,” Fishman said. “We know our friends are hurting and nervous about the future. We’re here, as we have been for since 1966, and we want to help.”