Several charged after attack in Hamblen jail

A violent melee that erupted at the Hamblen County Jail Thursday evening with an alleged retaliatory, shank-assisted assault of an incoming inmate resulted in charges against five inmates, according to authorities.

The alleged instigators, Billy L. Gallimore, 35, and David A. Shepard, 23, are charged with aggravated assault in the alleged shanking and three counts of assault on corrections officers. No deputies sustained serious injuries, according to Deputy Josh Marsee, a jail investigator.

The alleged target of Gallimore and Shepard’s aggression, 25-year-old Daniel Rick, was cut deeply on the top of his head and sustained less serious wounds on his left arm and left shoulder, according to arrest warrants, which states the head wound was closed with Dermabond, skin glue.

Marsee just caught the case this morning, and hasn’t yet interviewed Rick or the defendants, but he’s hearing that the dispute between Rick, Gallimore and Shepard was a beef from the streets involving an unreported stabbing to someone’s head.

Marsee says Gallimore and Shepard were locked in their cells and couldn’t have seen Rick, but due to their proximity to the booking room, they could have heard a corrections officer interviewing Rick through the cinder block wall.

They allegedly readied themselves with the shank, and then pushed past a corrections officer when he opened the door to conduct a routine inmate check around 7 p.m. They allegedly struck and shoved another corrections officer to the floor, before allegedly shanking Rick, according to arrest warrants.

Another corrections officer came to the assistance of the first alleged targets and was caught up in the fracas, according to arrest warrants. The shank was recovered in the jail office. The alleged felony assault was captured on high-quality surveillance video.

Three inmates, Donald Jessee Wilder III, 23, Paul Edward Elmore, 34 and Jason Corey Scearce, 36, likely were not part of the alleged plan to harm Rick, but they took advantage of the disruption to attempt to leave their cells, but were blocked before they could enter the common area, according to Marsee.

Wilder, Elmore and Scearce, along with Gallimore, are charged with attempted escape.

Rick has legal problems of his own. He’s charged with felony possession of methamphetamine, being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two Morristown Police Department narcotics investigators, Detective Pete Shockley and Detective Jason Young, went to the Pratt Road residence of Jamie Oaks to serve Rick with outstanding felony warrants. Oaks gave the detectives permission to search, according to a warrant.

Oaks, a convicted felon, reported a pistol that was hidden beneath a chair cushion, along with 3.3 grams of crystal meth, belonged to Rick, according to Shockley. Oaks admitted he handled the firearm when Rick brought it to his home, but he was not charged.