Scouting for Food makes impact for local families, gathers 15,350 food items

Parents and scouts sort through more than 15,000 pounds of food collected in the 2020 “Scouting for Food” drive by the Cherokee District, Smoky Mountain Council, of Scouting USA.

Hundreds of families all over the Lakeway Area will be able to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

In addition, local food banks are breathing a little easier entering the holiday season because they know they have what they need to make it through the Christmas holidays. The scouts of East Tennessee’s Cherokee District within the Great Smoky Mountain Council serving Hamblen, Cocke, Jefferson and Grainger counties owe our communities a wealth of thanks for making Scouting for Food a big success.

A few weeks ago, scouts put many Scouting for Food bags on porches and front doors of Lakeway Area residences. It has been an exciting flood of food since the scouts of the Cherokee District started wandering around Hamblen, Cocke, Jefferson and Grainger counties picking up those bags.

That flood of food amounted to more than 15,350 items donated by our communities. This means that the less fortunate in the community can count on a little help to make their Thanksgiving and Christmas a happier time. All of this due to the generous spirit of our community. Thank you again to everyone from the parents, scouts and leaders to the residents of our communities who really came together for this project.