Otics: An award-winning  part of the Lakeway Area

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Otics Corp. is a family-owned company, which supplies automotive components to Toyota. Otics parent company is located in Japan and was founded in 1918. Globally, Otics facilities are located in five countries with two plants located in the United States, one in Kodak and one in Morristown.

The initial Otics company in Japan started as a motor repair shop. In 1946, it transitioned to an automotive component production facility and has continued to expand since then.

Otics USA encourages continued growth and development of their employees. Otics USA continues to require a high school diploma for all team members. However, if an applicant does not have a high school diploma, Otics USA will assist the individual in working toward a GED and obtaining it.

The company provides internal training programs for team members who desire to pursue a management path, as well as a maintenance apprenticeship apprenticeship program.

Specialists and engineers are required to have a bachelor’s degree.

At Otics USA, the Toyota Production System, or TPS, is the basis for the company’s manufacturing processes.

Otics USA strives to produce exceptional products that meet the highest of standards. They empower their employees and enable them to obtain the highest degree of quality, accuracy and reliability. Their commitment is continuous improvement with their products, processes and employment development to ensure satisfaction with their customers and employees.

Through these efforts, the company said they want to continue to build and maintain the 70-year plus relationship with Toyota as they continue to evolve.

OTICS USA, Inc. is the first Japanese transplant company in the United States for the OTICS Corporation. They strategically located in Morristown to be at the geographic center of most of their customers.

Currently their plant resides on approximately 24 acres with over 255,150 square feet for the facility at East Tennessee Progress Center.

Since their foundation in July 2001, they have expanded our facility twice with additional future expansions expected.

They made their first part shipment to a customer on April 3, 2003. The 10 millionth customer part was shipped out on March 16, 2005.

Awards they have received include the Toyota New Program Launch Award 2004, Toyota 100% On-Time Delivery, Certificate 2004, Toyota Certificate for Quality 2004, Toyota Certificate for Quality 2005, Toyota Certificate for Quality 2006, Toyota New Program Launch Award 2006, Toyota Certificate for Quality 2007, Toyota Certificate for Value Improvement 2007, Toyota Superior Quality Performance Award 2008, Toyota Excellent Quality Performance Award 2009 and the Toyota Superior Quality Performance Award 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Community Awards include 2003–2009 Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce Industrial Appreciation honoree, 2002–2008 United Way of Hamblen County Gold Award and 2008 United Way of Hamblen County Pacesetter Company.

The company is located on 5555 Interstate View Drive in Morristown.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

They can be found on www.oticsusa.com and Facebook at www.facebook.com/OTICSUSA.