Your daily look at nonvirus stories in the news:

1. VIDEO SURFACES OF POLICE CONFRONTATION WITH ARBERY A video from 2017 shows police in Georgia attempting to search Ahmaud Arbery’s parked car, and when he refuses to let them and begins to walk back to the vehicle an officer tries to tase him.

2. BIDEN HIRES FORMER KAMALA HARRIS AIDE The granddaughter of civil rights leader César Chávez is joining Joe Biden’s campaign to help with Latino outreach.

3. ‘SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS’ A U.N. investigative team cites new evidence that should strengthen cases against Islamic State extremists of crimes against the Yazidi minority in 2014.

4. BOY SCOUTS FACE NEW LAWSUITS Nine new sex-abuse lawsuits were filed in upstate New York against three Boy Scout local councils, signaling an escalation of efforts to pressure councils nationwide to pay a big share of an eventual settlement in the Scouts’ bankruptcy proceedings.

5. TITANIC RULING A federal judge in Virginia rules that a salvage firm can retrieve the Marconi wireless telegraph machine that broadcast distress calls from the sinking Titanic ocean liner.

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