MFD performs rope training

The scenarios could span across the board.

Maybe someone falls off a cliff in the mountains. Or a person on a rooftop suffers cardiac arrest.

The way to handle these situations is an old tool that everyone knows.

Use a rope.

“We’re going to use a mechanical advantage,” said Firefighter Brian Newell with the Jefferson City Fire Department.

Newell, along with Jefferson City Firefighter Ethan Jones, were in town Friday and will be in Morristown the rest of the week to help train Morristown firefighters in technical ropes procedures.

The first of the training happened Friday. Morristown Assistant Chief Anthony Livesay said each shift will have 12 hours of training and more training will be conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“It’s giving the guys some valuable information in rope rescue,” he said.

Newell and Jones are conducting the training at no charge. Newell said they knew several firefighters from Morristown and word got out that they were wanting ropes training. So, they volunteered to come at no charge.

Newell said the idea is show techniques that work, but also make sure it does no harm to the person being carried by the ropes.

“We’re just applying old school thought and applying new technology,” Newell said.

There was a time when the thought was throw a rope and just pull someone up. That’s not the case anymore. There’s more involved in order to make sure its as safe as possible.

Newell and Jones first received their training in 2011 at Jefferson City Fire Department.

He said it’s a course that needs to be taught in this hilly area of East Tennessee. He said there are numerous times when ropes are needed for assistance.

“Unfortunately, it happens more than we want it to,” Newell said.