Marijuana dealer to plead guilty

Morristown marijuana megadealer Allan Russell, a 21-year-old man whose encounters with police cost him more than $72,000 in cash, signaled he’ll plead guilty to a federal drug-trafficking charge and accept responsibility for off-loading between 20 and 40 kilograms of weed, according to court documents.

The upside for Russell is that the U.S. attorney’s office dropped a firearm charge involving an AR-15-style rifle that could have added five years to his sentence. The plea agreement indicates that Russell’s top-of-the-range punishment for selling marijuana is five years.

Russell was an innovator.

He bought high-quality marijuana from a dispensary in Colorado for $1,900 per pound, and then sold it for $150 per ounce, which netted $500 in profit per pound, according to his plea agreement.

“The MPD seized nearly $14,000 from (Russell’s) residence on May 2, 2020, which indicates the sale of approximately 28 pounds marijuana since March 2, 2020,” his plea agreement states. “Based on (his) admissions, he has sold approximately 20 pounds of marijuana a month since he was 18 years old.”

Russell also sold THC vape cartridges he acquired from a Colorado supplier. He paid $38 per cartridge and resold them for $45 apiece, according to his plea agreement.

His first major scrape with the law came in March 2019 when he was stopped by a Morristown Police Department officer for speeding. Police found more than $10,500 in his vehicle, and a subsequent search of his on Valley Street turned up nearly 2 pounds of marijuana, $48,300 in cash and the AR-15-style rifle that Russell said he kept for protection, according to his plea agreement.

MPD narcotics investigators, however, weren’t through with Russell.

They continued surveillance over the next two months, including a trash pull that turned up marijuana packaging material. When police executed a search warrant Russell’s home, they found approximately 1 pound of marijuana and $13,700 in cash, according to the plea agreements.

Russell is scheduled to formally admit guilt in federal court in Greeneville on Oct. 30.