Man faces additional time after allegedly violating terms of release

Morristown native Desmond Nance, who completed a reduced 100-month federal prison term for selling crack cocaine in Cocke County, is facing an additional 18 months and two years for allegedly violating the terms of his supervised release, according to court documents.

Nance, 33, was on absconder status until he was taken into on Monday. He is scheduled to make his initial appearance on the revocation charges Wednesday morning. His probation officer reported she considers Nance, 33, a flight risk, and is asking a judge to keep him behind bars until his case is adjudicated.

It appears that minor infractions that his probation officer previously let slide have accumulated to the point where they can no longer be ignored, according to a petition for an arrest warrant, which was unsealed on Monday.

Nance tested positive for marijuana on two occasions in February. In March, Nance “reported he had not been taking his prescription medication and was substituting alcohol,” the arrest petition states. The same month, Nance lost his job, stopped attending court-ordered counseling and terminated contact with his probation officer, according to the arrest petition.

Nance was initially sentenced to 120 months for selling more than an ounce of crack cocaine. In January 2017, the sentence was reduced to 100 months after a federal law was passed that reduced the sentencing disparity between those convicted of selling powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

He spent about 25 days in federal custody in 2019 for violating post-release rules.