Young couple seeks HHF help

Editor’s Note: The name of the Holiday Hope Fund recipients have been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

A young couple, Alex and Anna, are living the typical life.

Alex works a third-shift full-time position at one of the area plants, although his hours have been affected by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Anna is a stay-at-home mom with two small children because she feels that putting them into daycare or hiring a sitter would cost more than she would make if she was working.

This young family gets by OK until the holidays. Then the special needs of Christmas hit.

The family has signed up with the Citizen Tribune Holiday Hope Fund for the fifth consecutive year. Anna says that the Hope Fund is a “Godsend” to be able to have the extra food and gifts during the holiday season.

One child, a boy age 3, is into Paw Patrol and PJ Masks.

The other, a girl, age 1, likes her cuddly toys, including teddy bears and kittens.

Their Christmas wishes, like so many others, hang from the branches of Angel Trees located at businesses throughout Hamblen County.

All will benefit from a food box from the Citizen Tribune Holiday Hope Fund.

The Citizen Tribune Holiday Hope Fund is administered through Hamblen County Central Services. More than 1,500 families in Hamblen County were helped by the fund last year and around the same amount of families will be helped this year as well.

Those families will receive a HHF food box including a turkey breast, fresh apples, oranges, potatoes, rolls, macaroni and cheese, brownie mix, sugar, flour, canned green beans, canned corn, canned peas and pinto beans.

The box contains multiples of some of these items and the fresh produce comes bagged.

Toys will be given to young children of these families through the Angel Tree fund.

Those wanting to continue to help a family can find Angel Trees at Walmart, National Fitness Center and other area businesses.

You can donate to the Citizen Tribune Holiday Hope Fund via mail at Morristown Hamblen Central Services. P.O. Box 1622, Morristown, Tenn. 37816.

You can also call 423-586-9431 or visit the website and donate online.Citizen Tribune Holiday Hope Fund

Holiday Hope Fund

Beginning Balance $29,710

Ricky Spitzer $50

Jean F. Coffman $500

Jack and Nancy Fishman in honor of our grandchildren: Lucas, Leabeth, Lydia and Jacob $100

Charlie and Phyllis Hurt in honor of Michael and Denise

Hurt $350

Catherine Miller Sunday School Class of First

Presbyterian Church $300

Randolph Pokomy $50

In memory of Bill Richardson by Norma $50

Harvey Lynn Sawyer in memory of Erma Lee Sawyer $1,000

Paul and Betty McLain $100

Ken Lingerfelt $200

Ann Mach $75

Don and Phyllis Turley $100

The Golden Circle Class at Hillcrest Baptist Church $100

David D. Long in memory of Sharon Long $100

Maria Arturi $100

Edith L. Roberts $25

Marlys M. Wood in memory of my husband John B.

Wood $25

Jim and Helen Mac Leay $100

The Friendship Class Zoomers of First United Methodist

Church $1,000

Jim and Ina Page in memory of Mrs. Mildred French $100

Anonymous $100

Judy and William Locke in honor of Rhea Jarnagin $100

Ben and Shirley Way $50

Anonymous $100

Wanda Peoples $25

Regency Retirement Community Church $2,000

Nannie L. Bullington and Family of the Bullington $50

Anonymous $200

Junior and Jan Stansberry in memory of Darvin

Marshall $50

Ann S. Mitchell in memory of Bob Mitchell $150

Yater Breeding Sunday School Class $100

Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Treece $200

Mrs. J. Alan Morgan $100

Ritchie and Carolyn Blackerby $100

Shorty Gann in memory of Joe and Gladys Helton $100

Fonda Collins $100

Paula Inman in honor of my sister and family who live

out of state $100

James and Susan Whiting $100

Noah and Marjorie Wilson $100

Jimmy and Donna Self $100

Auditorium Sunday School Class of Buffalo Trail Baptist Church in honor or Mary McDaniel, teacher $100

Eleanor and Garrison Rose $25

Donald and Gail Wolfe in memory of Chris Wolfe $100

Diane Fox $100

Mr. and Mrs. Collis R. Nelson $100

Judith Bartholomew $75

In memory of Lee Harrell by his family: Reba Harrell, Rick and Tamara Harrell and Patty Dockery $100

Margaret Hill in honor of children: Pamela Dalton, Jimmy H. Hill, Jr. and grandchildren: D.J. Hensley, Ashtyn, Tatum and

Tucker Hill $100

Larry and Gayle Davis in memory of 1st Sgt. Mike Davis,

USMC $100

Betty R. Graves $100

Peggy S. Visser $50

Anonymous $10,000

Bethel Baptist Church $50

Gary and Linda Maas $200

Anonymous $200

Wanda Vaughn in memory of Lon Vaughn $25

Anonymous $250

V. Sandra Bethke $1,000

Connie Richardson $100

Martha M. Anderson $200

Bill and Mary Lynn Bales $100

Bethel United Methodist Church $250

Eric and Sherry Delay $2,000

Harriett Parker, WMU of Rocky Point Baptist Church $50

In memory of Anita Scott by the Anita Scott Class of First United Methodist Church $500

Glenn Burchell $150

Frances French $100

Total Service Offering $54,285

Holiday Hope Fund Goal $90,000