Hamblen County resident Michael Dean Whitt, who bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of oxycodone using a large portion of the $1.5 million his mother stole from First Baptist Church of Morristown, will serve no additional federal prison time for violating the terms of his restricted release, according to court documents.

U.S. District Judge Leon Jordan opted to extend Whitt’s term of supervision by one year. If Whitt reoffends, he could face incarceration.

Initially, Whitt was supposed to be free of court supervision in April 2018, but the federal judge extended the period by one year because Whitt misrepresented he had been unemployed during months when he did not make payments toward his $1.5 million in court-ordered restitution, according to an arrest petition.

Whitt was scheduled to rotate off court supervision in August of 2019, but he failed to report a December 2018 arrest for public intoxication. Whitt told his probation officer he “didn’t think (he) needed to (report) because (he) was not guilty,” a later arrest petition states. The charges were apparently dropped.

In another revocation matter, convicted Cocke County oxycodone dealer Roy S. McGraw last week found himself on the wrong side of the “fool-me-twice” admonition. After testing positive for opiods, McCarter was allowed to remain free because he had a cast on a broken leg, provided that he continued to attend substance-abuse classes, according to court documents.

McGraw allegedly broke the agreement, and was taken into custody in Morristown last week.

He will remain in federal custody until the revocation matter is adjudicated. His revocation hearing is scheduled for June 24.