Whitesburg woman faces second charge of criminal impersonation

A Whitesburg woman was charged Monday with criminal impersonation for the second time in four days.

Misty Michelle Sabins, 40, of Grassy Valley Road, was charged Monday with criminal impersonation, her second criminal impersonation charge in four days. Sabins was also charged with fraud, forgery and perjury.

According to reports from the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, Monday morning, Deputy Rhonda Salyer was working General Sessions Court when Sabins asked to speak to her.

During the interview, Sabins said that she was booked into the jail as “Ashley Gulley,” but sometime later she said it was changed to “Misty Sabins,” her sister.

When asked what her name and date of birth was, Sabins said “Ashley Gulley” with the birth date of 3-11-1985.

Salyer wrote the information down and told her that she would let the judge know.

Sessions Court Clerk Allison Curtice was at her desk in court, looked the information up, but did not see anything by that birthdate.

Lt. James Woods was contacted and gave the previous book-in sheets so officers could check her tattoos to see if they were alike. One tattoo was of a butterfly on her right arm, another was of a star with the numbers “143” on her hand, which Sabins had. Sabins stated that “she, her mom and sister have all the same tattoos.” Salyer again asked Sabins her name and she responded “Ashley Gulley,” the report said.

While at Sessions Court, Sabins was handed a Uniform Affidavit of Indigency for a court appointed attorney. Sabins was filling out the paperwork and on it she wrote and signed the name “Ashley Gulley” and gave an incorrect Social Security and date of birth.

When contacting Central Dispatch for the Social Security Number, it came back to a woman from Cordova, Tennessee. When Sabins spoke to Chancellor Douglas Jenkins, he asked what her name was, Sabins gave her true identity. Sabins was escorted back to jail.

Sabins had previously been charged Friday for attempting to break into a house on Dogwood Lane in Whitesburg in which she also identified at that time as her sister. Witnesses at the scene confirmed Sabins’ true identity at that time.

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