For Betty Cazzarin, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream.

Books have always been a part of her life – and for 15 years - White Pine Used Books is the vehicle she uses to share that dream with as many people as possible.

“I’ve always loved books,” said Cazzarin, who moved her bookstore to a building on Main Street after a decade at a shopping center on Circle Street. “It was my first memory (as a child).”

When someone walks into the bookstore, the first thing he or she will hear is 1950s-era music, which creates a welcomed ambiance.

“Our customers love the music,” Cazzarin said. “They’ll start singing and shuffling to the music.”

Cazzarin said White Pine Used Books has a little bit of something for all tastes, and it’s hard to leave disappointed. Selections range from mysteries to romance to sports to history – and even self-help books.

“We have a pretty good selection of everything,” she said. “There’s something for everybody.”

Customers can buy, sell and trade books at the store. With over 200,000 books to choose from – and counting – Cazzarin said she is always looking for even more books to share with her clientele. She is even willing to go out of state to search for inventory.

White Pine Used Books has more than just books. People of all ages flock to Cazzarin’s shop to search for everything vintage – and even sweets.

The store even has a section for kids to enjoy, replete with toys and board games. Her building also holds events for teachers, book clubs and mystery aficionados.

“We have everything here. We just started selling vinyl records,” she said. “We have an ice cream shop also. People like the vinyl and the comics.

“Some kids don’t like to read (books), so the comics and the vinyl are popular.”

Though her store has been in existence for over a decade, Cazzarin started selling books a decade before that through the Internet.

“In 1996, around the same time Amazon started selling books, we started selling books online,” she said. “It was shortly thereafter we started selling used books.”

Cazzarin’s own taste in books vary from historical fiction to true crime – and she can find a great deal of those books in her store.

“I like military books and mysteries, including one where a cat solves a murder,” she said. “I’m not a romance fan, but my customers love it though.”

Cazzarin, along with her son and daughter-in-law, Daniel and Rebecca Carey, recently purchased the remaining space in the building, bringing the shop to over 6,500 square feet. Cazzarin said she and her partners have ambitious plans for the extra space.

“(The new space) was in my vision,” she said. “We’ll be expanding in the next year.

“We’re also looking at opening a café soon.”

The success of White Pine Used Books has been more than Cazzarin even expected – and she thanks the community for choosing her store to find books of all kinds.

“(The success of her shop) is wonderful,” she said. “Ninety-nine percent of our customers love it here because they love books.

“We have great customers here. Book lovers are good people.”