Walters State to begin summer and fall registration

Avery Swinson, director of admissions and enrollment development at Walters State, is ready to help new and current students with registration. Registration for summer and fall semesters begins on Monday, April 6. With campuses due to the coronavirus threat, students can enroll and register online at

Registration for summer and fall semesters at Walters State Community College begins Monday, April 6, at 8 a.m.. With all campuses closed due to the coronavirus, the college’s admissions department has made registering online as easy as possible.

“We are so excited to welcome this new class of students who are joining the Walters State family. While the process may look a little different, we want our new students to feel confident and assured knowing that the college’s admissions staff is always here to help,” said Avery Swinson, director of admissions and enrollment development.

For new students, the first step is to apply for admission and submit testing scores from the ACT or the Accuplacer. These are not pass/fail tests. The scores are used to determine the first classes a student should take. Questions about the testing process should be directed to Debbie Johnson, coordinator of testing, at

Acceptance letters are currently being mailed weekly. Once admitted, new students complete an orientation. Orientation sessions are currently offered online. An advisor will then contact the student to make arrangements to register. Students registering for summer classes should complete this online.

For students starting fall semester, Walters State plans to resume on-campus orientation in June. Students starting in the fall can complete the online process now or complete the orientation on a campus in June. Completing the online option will enable students to register earlier when a larger selection of classes are available.

Returning students can register through MyWS. Students should email their advisor or the Student Success Advising Center at or 423-318-2337.

The first summer session starts May 11 and fall semester begins Aug. 24.

Students should visit for information on the process. Admissions specialists may be contacted at 423-585-2685 or Specialists are also available to chat online at from 8:30 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m., Monday through Friday.