Victims of violent crime were remembered on Wednesday during a ceremony on the Cocke County Courthouse lawn.

The event was organized by the office of Fourth Judicial District Attorney General Jimmy Dunn, who thanked the families and friends of victims, law enforcement, concerned citizens and others who attended the event.

Dunn is the AG for Cocke, Jefferson, Grainger and Sevier counties.

“We should remember, we need to remember and honor those who have been killed, whether in the line of duty or just living their life as we do this very day,” Dunn said.

Victim Witness Coordinator Kim Hudson told the group Dunn has worked hard to obtain funding to increase the number of coordinators who assist the victims of violent crime and their families.

“General Dunn is very passionate about victims, and often reminds us that victims are our boss.” Hudson went on to say the prosecutor, during his 13 year tenure, has obtained grants to fund a victim witness coordinator, three assistant witness coordinators and four coordinators assigned to assist domestic violence victims.

“He is currently seeking more grant funding to continue the support of all victims,” added Hudson.

The mayors of Newport and Cocke County presented a proclamation in recognition of national Victims of Violent Crime Week.

Special music was provided by Megan Stinson.

Keynote speaker Dr. Rich Lloyd of Newport First Baptist Church told the audience Jesus is seeking those in our society who need to be consoled.

“I have been acquainted with grief, but I want to be clear that I don’t know what it is like for you. I don’t know what it was like for you to wake up, like any other day, and to have unimaginable tragedy take place in your life. I can’t imagine how you yearn for a last kiss, last hug, a last ‘I love you’, a last meal or a last word, and what you would do for that, just one more time.”

He went on to say Jesus “is intent in his search for you who are experiencing hurt and emptiness.”

The minister quoted Jesus who said “come unto me all you who are weary and I will give you rest,” and Dr. Lloyd said the word “rest” in the New Testament means “hope.”