A Hamblen County man has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with an incident reported Saturday night  at his residence on Boatmans Mountain Road , authorities say.

Detective Sgt. David Stapleton with the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department identified the victim as Beatris Hernandez. Hernandez,  who was reportedly 19, was deceased, lying in a bed, when deputies arrived to investigate, according to a warrant.

Christian Del - Valle Cruz, a 26-year-old Mexican national, was in the same bedroom. His wrists were cut and he reportedly told deputies, “Just let me die,” according to Stapleton.

Lt. Steve McBride said the man admitted to choking the woman to death then cutting his own arms.

Key questions surrounding the homicide remained unclear Sunday, including a possible motive and the relationship between Cruz and Hernandez.

Cruz, whose wrists were bandaged, will be held without bond in the Hamblen County Jail at least until he’s arraigned. 

For more information about the homicide, read the Monday edition of the Citizen Tribune.