A tip about perceived suspicious activity Tuesday night at the Zoomerz in the Alpha community resulted in the arrest of an alleged crystal-meth dealer and an alleged damaging admission, according to authorities.

During initial questioning, Morristown resident Nichole Patterson, 25, allegedly surrendered 4.4 grams of methamphetamine she had hidden in her bra, according to Detective Pete Shockley, a narcotics investigator with the Morristown Police Department, who was accompanied by Detective Dustin Jones.

Patterson, who gave an East Hillcrest Drive address, allegedly didn’t disclose she had 3 grams of crystal meth in her underwear, which was found during a routine search at the Hamblen County Jail.

The defendant and a companion, 18-year-old Kelsea A. Marshall, Carroll Road, allegedly admitted they had come to the convenience store to sell an unidentified woman $240 worth of meth. Marshall wasn’t charged with meth possession, but she was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for an unspecified offense.

Patterson faces charges of possession of meth for resale, violation of the state drug-free school zone law and introducing contraband into a penal institution. This morning, she remained in the Hamblen County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond.

The Morristown Police Department made another felony crystal-meth arrest on Tuesday after officer Zach Jones was dispatched to Dunkin’ Donuts on East Morris Boulevard to investigate the complaint that a man in a pickup had been at the business for approximately two hours.

David Coffey, 27, allegedly was holding 1.2 grams of meth. Jones reported the investigation intensified after he spotted three syringes in the cup holder in the center console. One of the syringes allegedly was loaded with a drug mixture, according to a warrant charging the defendant with felony possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.