A Morristown man was shot in the left shoulder Thursday night in what the Morristown Police Department describes as a would-be drug transaction on McCrary Drive in which the prospective buyers apparently wanted money as least as much as marijuana.

The injured man, Gaspar Francisco Ignacio, was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. This morning, Ignacio was not a patient at the hospital, according to a spokesperson.

The man who allegedly shot Ignacio, Jorge Sanchez, 18, Pauline Avenue, was jailed for especially aggravated robbery. Two men who accompanied Sanchez to Ignacio’s McCrary Drive residence, Jesus Anthony Moreno, 18, West Seventh North Street, and Steven Rodriguez, 19, Pauline Avenue, were charged with criminal responsibility for especially aggravated robbery.

Bonds for the three defendants had not been set by press time today.

The three went to Ignacio’s home in Moreno’s orange Ford Mustang to buy marijuana, according to Detective Jackie Hickey with the Morristown Police Department, who reported Ignacio came to the vehicle while the defendants remained inside.

“Jorge Sanchez told Gaspar Ignacio to give him all of his money,” the arrest warrant states. “When he wouldn’t, Jorge Sanchez shot him in the arm. They then left the scene and threw the gun out.”

It’s unclear if police recovered the firearm.

When the call came out shortly after 9:30 p.m., officer Lucas Watson was familiar with the suspect vehicle, which had some minor body damage, along with the West Seventh North Street address of the vehicle owner. Police stopped the orange Mustang a short time later close to Moreno’s home.

Questioning of the suspects continued until well after midnight.