In addition to a great deal of aesthetic changes, The Country Club in Morristown has a few changes to its membership.

For the first time in over a decade, The Country Club has reinstated its initiation fees, effective July 1.

“Our (board of directors) felt it was time to bring back the initiation fees after a long time of not having them,” said Wally Long, general manager of The Country Club. “We want to bring back the value to the membership.”

“We didn’t have an initiation fee in a long time. Last month, we had a membership drive,” Club Pro and Membership Director Nathan Blanchard said. “Membership has grown, and (The Country Club’s board) thought it was time to reinstate the fees for new members to show how valuable they are.

“We added 30 new members in the month of June.”

A full resident membership has an initiation fee of $3,500, and is offered to persons over the age of 41. The membership includes full access to all facilities and amenities to include unlimited clubhouse dining, the fitness center, tennis, pool and golf.

For a $2,500 fee, junior executive members hold full access to all the benefits held by full resident members, and is offered to those prospective members between the ages of 32 to 41.

For $1,500, prospective members between the ages of 21 and 31 qualify for the Young Executive members, which allows full access.

An associate membership also carries an initiation fee of $1,500, and allows access to most facilities and amenities including clubhouse dining, the fitness center, tennis, pool, and eight plays of golf per year for a fee.

Despite the return of the initiation fees, Long said those who became members prior to the fees are no less valued at The Country Club.

“We’ve got a lot of good members,” he said. “They’ve brought a lot of value to the club, but the time has come to bring (the fees) back.

“(Those members) were fortunate enough to get in at that time.”

Over the years, there have been multiple improvements to the facility, including major renovations to the driving range, the tennis courts as well as a new slide for the swimming pool.

“We’ve always had a good product. We’ve completed a lot of projects that weren’t cheap,” “We’ve done major improvements over the last two years.”

Blanchard said the facility’s changes are nowhere near completed, and there are new projects on the horizon.

“We continue to make improvements to the club,” he said. “We improved the pool by adding a slide, and we’ve approved the construction of two new tennis courts and other renovations.”

Blanchard said while a great deal of course are cutting back, The Country Club is adding on, and members are seeing the difference. It has also being used as a recruiting tool for prospective members.

“In a time where a lot of courses are maybe going the other way as far as facilities, we are adding on and renovating,” he said. “We don’t have a lot of private clubs to compete with. People will definitely notice the difference.”

The Country Club’s new look has led to more than just new members.

“It’s a good place for weddings – and the improvements have helped with that,” Blanchard said.