Terry Law Firm to recognize Hometown Heroes

The Terry Law Firm is recognizing the quiet heroes among us.

The Hometown Hero contest is designed to recognize a local hero each month in the Lakeway Area. The purpose is to recognize people who have a positive impact on the community.

“We don’t know all the heroes in the community, but we want to shine a light on those heroes who often times remain in the shadows,” the company said in a statement.

To nominate someone, go to the Terry Law Firm Face book page, and comment on the “Hometown Heroes” post with their name and why you feel they should be recognized as a Hometown Hero. Winners will receive a personalized gift basket from the firm and local recognition.

“In representing thousands of clients over the years we have seen heroics that are too many to count,” said Brack Terry. “Often it is our clients who themselves are heroic in overcoming tragedy. Sometimes it is the police officer, EMT or firefighter that we see in a case that is heroic. Many times the hero who never gets recognized is a nurse, caregiver or passerby. We don’t know all the heroes in the community but we want to shine a light on those who too often remain in the shadows.”

The deadline to nominate heroes for the month of June is Friday.