Talbott sex  offender  faces exploitation  charges

A Talbott man faces charges of violating his sexual registry conditions and could face more charges in two separate incidents that happened the same night involving children.

David Steven Allen, 26, was arrested Tuesday on two counts of violation of sex offender work restrictions and three counts of solicitation of a minor to observe sexual conduct.

He faces charges from the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Office and Morristown Police Department. Authorities say he could face more charges, stemming from the case in Morristown.

According to reports, the first incident with Allen involving children occurred around 7:30 p.m. Monday on White Road and the second incident happened two hours later on Hiawatha Road.

Morristown Detective Sgt. Mike Bacon said the city is still investigating the incident within city limits. He said at this time the child involved will see a children’s forensic specialist in Mosheim in order to continue building their case.

“We’re wanting to get this child there to see what she has to say to a specialist,” he said.

The Morristown Police Department has already charged him with violation of the sexual registry.

The Hamblen County case involved three children.

According to a report, deputies arrived at an apartment and spoke with the mother of two of the children.

She told deputies that Allen, along with an ex-roommate, came to her residence to move furniture.

While inside, she saw Allen acting strangely with her two children, along with a next door neighbor’s child, according to the report.

She saw Allen whispering to her two children and as he stood up, she could tell he was aroused.

The mother asked the children what he had been whispering and they told her he had asked them to conduct indecent acts.

She told him to leave and he walked to the end of the driveway with the children. The mother rushed out to get the children back inside, the report said.

She told deputies she was afraid of Allen and tried not making him upset. She also said during the incident he kept trying to hide his ankle monitor.

She called her husband to come home from work, but Allen left before he arrived.

Deputies said they were able to find Allen on the sex offender website and he was taken into custody.