Strawberry Festival a  flavorful hit

JFF, a pageantry group based out of Johnson City, focuses on fund raising through pageantry. They held a Strawberry Festival beauty pageant earlier in the month to raise money for The Daily Bread and on Saturday their pageant winners presented a check to Daily Bread for $2,853. Above: Emma Kate, Karlyle and Kara present the check for $2,853 to Larry Shropshire of the Daily Bread.

Nothing makes a juicy strawberry more flavorful than a little rain mixed with sunshine, and despite some wet weather Saturday afternoon, Morristown residents crowded the fields for the much-anticipated Morristown Strawberry Festival hosted by WCRK/Country Legends.

Cars lined the streets as Habitat for Humanity volunteers worked tirelessly to park the droves of vehicles full of hopeful passengers anxious to get their hands on a strawberry funnel cake and a bucket of fresh berries.

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