Two Knoxville-based honey consumers – without explanation – on Saturday indicated they plan to dismiss a would-be federal class-action lawsuit filed against Strange Honey Farm and its owners, Gary Strange and Fonda Strange.

By press time, U.S. District Judge Pamela L. Reeves had not filed an order dismissing the case, but it appears certain the civil lawsuit will go away.

Knoxville residents Robert Greer and James Reimer alleged lab tests showed that honey marketed by Strange Honey Farm was harvested in Vietnam, yet the company advertised its honey comes from Tennessee. They also alleged the honey contained syrup, and it was heated to the point where it could not be truthfully sold as “raw” honey.

Knoxville attorney Gordon Ball, who represents the business, argued the Knoxville men did not have subject-matter jurisdiction to sue. Ball asserted that Greer and Reimer never asserted they bought Strange honey, thereby failing to prove they had suffered any injury. The attorney also argued that the proposed class-action lawsuit was further fatally flawed.

“(The) complaint furnishes no percentage of how many class members are Tennesseans, as opposed to out-of-state citizens … The complaint alleges that ‘some’ members of the class are from states other than Tennessee,” a motion to dismiss states. “There is no statement of how many of what percentage ‘some’ is.”