Hamblen County residents should soon have the ability to recycle at a convenience center after a state grant was awarded to the city and county.

“The first time we applied, we didn’t get it,” said Hamblen County Mayor Bill Brittain.

The Morristown City Council approved last week seeking bids for pads and concrete at the Hamblen County landfill to place the convenience center. The Hamblen County Commission will hear about the grant Monday during its regularly scheduled workshop session.

Brittain said this was the second year in a row the county and city had applied for the grant.

The grant is split into three parts. The first part is the landfill is now able to accept all versions of oils whether it be motor oil or cooking oil.

The second part of the grant is paying to place the convenience center at the landfill.

Brittain said the match for the grant is being paid by the Hamblen-Morristown Solid Waste Board.

The third part of the grant is an education piece where the city and county will develop pamphlets to give to residents. The idea is that it will educate the public about what can be recycled and how to recycle.

He said one problem in particular is that much of recycling ends up in the landfill if it is contaminated.

Examples would be bottles not washed out beforehand or pizza boxes with grease in the box.

Brittain emphasized that this does not mean curbside recycling will go away. Instead, he said this is an enhancement of services to allow more recycling options in the city and county.

“It’s a joint effort to kind of ramp up our recycling effort,” Brittain said.