Solid Waste Board approves budget amendment

A last minute report handed to the Solid Waste Board on Friday left them searching for funds to meet the requirements set by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

The Solid Waste Board unanimously approved a budget amendment Friday to move $40,000 from the operational fund to help cover expenses, stemming from the TDEC report.

Dan Winter, director of solid waste operations for Hamblen County, said landfill officials received the report just before the start of the meeting.

The report stated that a flare up had occurred at an old cell that has been closed for at least 15 to 20 years at the landfill. The cell is located close to a road and residential property.

According to the report, there were high levels of methane reported by probes in the area.

Steve Bostik, chief engineer for LDA Engineering, told the board that county officials had not seen any concerning levels of the methane leaving the area.

“They’re concerned it’s going offsite, but we don’t have any evidence of that,” Bostik said.

He also said TDEC was asking them to locate all wells within a mile distance from the flare up for testing.

He said there was possibly one well.

“I don’t think it’s active,” he said.

TDEC is also asking that additional probes be placed on the site. Bostik said TDEC is also asking them to hold a virtual public meeting within the next 60 to 90 days.

Winter said landfill officials are working on meeting the requirements of the order.

They will have 30 days to respond after receiving the order. Winter said they are currently preparing their response.