Solid Waste audit shows issue with ticketing system

An audit handed to the Hamblen County-Morristown Solid Waste Board Friday showed inadequate internal controls of reviewing voided tickets at the Hamblen County landfill that could have resulted in thefts.

The concern came after landfill operators changed its ticketing system last year to avoid deletions of tickets, but instead led to multiple voided tickets instead.

“Our concern is someone could start pocketing money by just hitting voided ticket, voided ticket and no one would ever know,” said Tonya Easley, certified public accountant with Rodefer Moss & Co. PLLC out of Greeneville.

The Hamblen County-Morristown Solid Waste Board voted unanimously to send the audit to the state comptroller’s office, which is mandatory for government funded bodies.

Easley said Friday during the solid waste board meeting that the audit finding has since been corrected and that Dan Winter, director of solid waste operations, would start reviewing all voided receipts.

The finding dates back to the previous year’s audit when accountants found that the ticketing system allowed users to be able to delete tickets at will.

Landfill officials then changed the system to where tickets could not be deleted, but instead were voided.

That then created a problem where several transactions started being voided, officials said.

Easley said about 25% of transactions, or almost 250 tickets, had been voided.

Auditors then found no one reviewed the voided transactions.

Easley said landfill operators were probably “correcting the problem” as she spoke.

“We’re not saying there is a problem,” she said. “We’re saying someone could have taken advantage of it.”

Morristown City Manager Tony Cox, chairman of the board, said it is always the case there are some findings within audits.

“There’s some internal controls we have to tighten up, but that’s always the case,” he said.