The sun was shining as a large amount of people turned out for Downtown Morristown’s SkyMart Arts & Crafts Festival on Saturday.

Heather Blackmon Brooks, director of downtown development for the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce, said more than 30 vendors and several food trucks were ready to serve the people spending their Saturday supporting local arts and crafts.

“We have many different arts and crafts vendors to choose from with a lot of unique products available to purchase,” she said, “I think everyone’s excited. It’s the first festival of the year and we’re glad to be out on this beautiful day.”

Art education begins early, and Hamblen County schools were well represented. Kerry Stacy, current art teacher at Meadowview Middle School, and Frances Maynard, retired art teacher who taught at Fairview-Marguerite, were both on hand to sell their handiwork.

“It feels nice to be out and feel normal again at an arts festival where everyone can display their talent,” said Stacy.

Evan Sizemore was all smiles as his caricature was being created by local artist Mike Everidge.

“I’m loving it,” Sizemore said, “I love the people and the art and the music. It’s great to be downtown.”

As lunchtime neared the crowds grew hungry and kept the food vendors busy. Chaz and Abby Saulsburry, owners of the barbeque food truck Secondhand Smoke, said they were having a blast.

“There are a whole lot more folks here than I thought,” Chaz said, “I hope we brought enough food.”

Juli Sams brought her daughters downtown to enjoy the festival. She said she was enjoying the diverse goods available, especially the jeweler. Sams said her kids were having a good time.

“Getting my face painted was my favorite part,” said daughter Mila Sams.

In addition to enjoying the arts and weather, attendees had the chance to support a local teacher.

Jamie Good, who is a reading specialist at Alpha Elementary, was there with her husband, friends and family to sell treats and lemonade in support of starting a family.

“My husband and I are adopting,” she said “We had been on a journey of infertility for three years. We feel like God has led us to adopt. I’ve got my Alpha Elementary work family who have put together these stands to help raise money for our adoption.”

At the end of the day, Brooks said the event was a great success.

“I got a lot feedback from vendors who were very happy to be here,” she said, “We had a good turnout it was great for our first festival of the year.”