A convicted sex offender from Kingsport who – even among his criminal-history peers – has exhibited extremely troubling behavior, cut a wide path back to federal prison in a knifing incident in the Beech Creek community of Hawkins County on Sept. 2, just 45 days after he was released, according to court documents.

Daniel F. “Danny” Edwards, 34, allegedly slashed the forearm of a man named Brandon Dykes at a residence on Light Road. Dykes, 38, who lives nearby, had come to the aid of his girlfriend after Edwards forced his way into the home and punched another woman, according to Hawkins County Deputy Anthony Crosby.

“Brandon stated he responded to the scene and was immediately assaulted by Daniel, who head-butted him in the face and then pulled a knife on him,” Crosby’s offense report states. “Brandon stated that he raised his left arm to deflect the knife and received a slashing wound to his forearm.

Edwards faces between one year and two years behind bars if a federal judge concludes he’s sufficiently violated the terms of his restricted release. Edwards is scheduled to make his initial appearance in U.S. District Court on Tuesday.

He was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender in April and sentenced to 21 months, but he had spent months in federal custody before the case was adjudicated. He was released on July 19, according to an arrest petition.

The defendant was 23 in 2008 when he was convicted of attempted rape in Sullivan County in a case that that’s creepier than most.

He broke into a woman’s home while she was sleeping.

“The female owner awoke to the defendant touching her (…),” Assistant U.S. Attorney Meghan L. Gomez wrote in the prosecution sentencing memorandum.

He was initially charged with rape and aggravated burglary, but he was allowed to plead to attempted rape. In 2016, approximately two years after he was released from prison, he was charged with burglary in a strikingly similar case.

A Kingsport woman was awakened by a “loud bang.” When she went to investigate, she found Edwards in her kitchen.

“(Edwards) stated that she was not the one he was looking for; he then proceeded to the back bedroom,” Gomez wrote. “He told the victim he would be back. The victim’s daughter also lived at the home but was not present at the time of the incident … the United States can only surmise why (Edwards) was looking for the victim’s daughter.”