More heavy storms came through the Lakeway Area Friday night, breaking power poles and bringing down trees across the region.

The National Weather Service in Morristown said U.S. Highway 11E in New Market was shut down for hours after wind broke a power pole and lines fell into the road.

Jeremy Buckles, meteorologist for the National Weather Service, said damage occurred all across the Lakeway Area.

“It was consistently widespread,” he said. “There were many, many reports.”

He said most of the wind was due to straight line winds. There were no confirmed reports of funnel clouds or tornadoes and no tornado warnings were issued overnight, he said.

The widespread damage led the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to issue a media release Friday night urging motorists to use caution as emergency personnel and utility workers continued to clean up the mess created from the storms.

Buckles said there were reports of downed trees across the region.

“We had some reports of trees on houses,” he said.

The storms came just days after a storm passed through the Lakeway Area that left more than 4,000 people without power in Cocke and Jefferson counties.

It was unclear as of press time Saturday night how many lost power due to Friday night’s storms.

Buckles said there are still risks the next few days for some storms in the region.

“The risk, at this point, is not as high as we had Friday night,” he said.