Several Lakeway Area providers cited by state


A Greeneville nurse has been disciplined by the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

Daniel Cruz, LPN, of Greeneville, was charged with unfit or incompetence by reason of negligence, habits or other cause. He was found guilty of unprofessional conflict and intentionally/negligently causing physical or emotional injury to a patient.

Cruz was punished with revocation of his license, being placed on the abuse registry, accessed a $500 civil penalty and costs not exceeding $500.

Also, an applicant for a LPN’s license from Morristown was granted a conditional single state license.

Kristina Marie Fairless (Maile) was guilty of a crime and was awarded a conditional state license.

Elizabeth Ford, LPN, of Parrottsville was also found to be unfit or incompetent by reason on negligence, habits or other cause. Ford was also found guilty of unprofessional contact by using an intoxicating beverage or illegal use of any narcotic or dangerous drug while on duty in a health care facility, school or institution or other workplace location.

Ford’s license was suspended with terms.

Kelli D. Galler, RN, of Morristown, was found guilty of unprofessional conduct and failure to maintain a record for each patient which accurately reflects the nursing problems and interventions for the patient and the name of the nurse providing care

As a result of Galler’s actions, her license was reprimanded. She must obtain her continuing education hours. Galler was fined $500, plus costs not to exceed $1,000.

Chelsea L. Snowden, LPN, of Morristown, is charged with an attempt to violate, directly or indirectly or assisted in the violation, of, or conspired to violate any provision of this chapter or any lawful order of the board issued. Snowden had her license revoked, was assessed a $200 penalty and costs not to exceed $5,000.

The Tennessee Board of Respiratory Care charged Brad S. Mullins, RRT, of Rutledge due to Mullins failing to review his license in a timely fashion, but continuing to perform duties of a respiratory therapist on an expired license. He agreed to a citation and was assessed a $300 penalty.

Samantha R. Rice, also of Rutledge, is charged with failure to properly maintain sufficient continuing education credits. She agreed to a citation, and is required to provide proof of completion of 10 hours of continuing education and was assessed a $300 civil penalty by $300.