Saharan dust short lived as rain moves into area

The Saharan dust is leaving and the rain is moving in.

Tim Doyle, forecaster for the National Weather Service in Morristown, said Monday that the dust has pretty much gone out of the Lakeway Area after blanketing most of East Tennessee over the weekend.

“It looks like it was only around on Saturday,” Doyle said.

The dust was blown from the Saharan desert and across the Atlantic Ocean. It is an occurrence that is routine during summer months, but this cloud was the largest ever recorded.

The dust in the air led to low air quality and hazy skies on Saturday.

“Of course, we didn’t have as much rain on Saturday,” Doyle said.

Rain and thunderstorms are predicted over the next four days with the heaviest showers coming today, Tuesday and Wednesday, Doyle said.

He said there could be isolated flooding in some areas across the Lakeway Area.

Doyle said the thunderstorms that could move in sporadically over the next few days could be heavy with heavy gusts of wind.

He said the prediction is over the next few days there could be up to two inches of rain to fall.

There is a 20% chance of rain on Thursday with 80% on Tuesday and Wednesday. He said by Friday it should become dry.