In Tuesday’s meeting, members of the Cocke County Legislative Body were told both the courthouse and courthouse annex roofs are leaking. Bids were opened from two firms but the finance committee will meet with both bidders to better understand the proposals.

Administrative Capt. C.J. Ball of the sheriff’s department reported three criminal investigators have become ill as the result of mold buildup in their office in the courthouse annex,

“We have three investigators that I’m filing workers compensation claims on this week. They have mold in their system, their skin is coming off, they can’t breathe,” Ball said. He added the issue clears up over the weekend but when the officers return, they break out in a rash. He told the commission his department has no room to move the investigators.

The commission suggested the office be moved to the jail administrator’s office until the mold issue is resolved.

Love Henderson, who heads up the Work Ethic diploma program for seniors at the local high schools, told the body Cocke County has the most such diplomas of any county in the state.

She reported Denso Manufacturing wants to visit the local school to gain a better understanding of the program.

“It can help you with recruiting industry to your county,” she told the commissioners.

Commissioner Forest Clevenger expressed concern about the length of time it has taken to permit the expansion to the local landfill. He asked that engineering firm McGill and Associates, as well as the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation be invited to the next landfill committee meeting to address the issues.

There are concerns regarding the safety of pedestrians at the rafting venue in Hartford. Clevenger suggested boosting the rafting fee by $1, with the $180,000 in increased revenue earmarked for needed rafting infrastructure.

Currently the county receives $2 from each rafting ticket.

Matrix Marketing has offered to produce an infomercial touting the livability of Cocke County. A number of counties were presented with the proposal and five remain in consideration.

Mayor Crystal Ottinger said the commercial would be presented across a number of broadcast portals. The CLB voted to pay the $27,000 cost if the firm agrees to promote the local community.

The funding is to come from unappropriated funds in the general fund.

There has been a change of location for a planned July 30 town hall meeting for the community to voice ideas regarding the location of a justice center.

The meeting was originally planned for 6 p.m. at Newport City Hall but has now been moved to the Chancery Courtroom in the courthouse annex.

Commissioner Norman Smith clarified a motion he made previously to remove $50,000 from this year’s recreation department budget.

He said the money was to have gone to bleachers and other equipment.