Tiny Fincastle, Tennessee has been the center of seismic activity Sunday and Monday, according to the United States Geologic Survey.

First, a 2.8 quake struck Sunday about 4 p.m. with an epicenter 1 km wsw of Fincastle, which is between Speedwell and LaFollette. Then Monday, a larger quake, this one registering 3.8 struck 1 km east of Fincastle.

Monday’s quake struck at roughly 2:12 p.m. and was reportedly felt in many parts of the Lakeway Area, including Morristown. It was felt up into Kentucky, as far East as North Carolina and as far south as Georgia.

Sunday’s quake was at a reported depth of 33.9 km while Monday’s was 35.4 km deep.

A smaller rumble was reported in Morristown Monday morning, but the USGS has no record of a quake in East Tennessee at that time. The morning rumble may have been one of the booms that are reported each winter in the area, largely believed to be underground collapsing earth caused by heavy rainfall or runoff.