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Rich DesGroseilliers stands next to new Morristown Corridor plan.

The city of Morristown held a public meeting to show the results of a recent study and to propose a new plan for state Route 343.

The results of a state Route 343 complete streets plan survey were shown at the meeting.

There were around 700 survey responses compared to around only 3,000 responses in a recent sidewalks survey in Nashville.

The top priority according to survey respondents were traffic operations improvements.

Since that survey, a new project has begun and will be handled by CDM Smith Associates.

The first thing that will be underway is the ITS Traffic Signal Coordination Project.

There are currently 13 traffic signal intersections on state route 343. Most of the traffic signal equipment are out of date and work independently from one another so that will change.

There will be also be sidewalk improvements with pedestrian head crossing signals. Survey respondents also mentioned that “ladder style” walkways would be better.

The survey respondents would also like to see protected bike lanes along with plenty of new greens.

The entrance to Morristown could also hold a new “Welcome to Morristown” sign as motorists travel into the city.

The biggest proposal to the new plan will be turning South Cumberland from a four-lane roadway into a two-lane roadway.

Backed by studies from TDOT, the belief that a two-lane roadway along with a third center turn lane will provide a safer and quicker commute.

“It’s a pretty significant process,” Rich DesGroseilliers, LAMPTO coordinator, said. “This process with all the planning involved will take a few years to complete.”

There will be a completed proposal by the end of December.

“If you see something you don’t like, you have more opportunities to tell us throughout this planning process exactly how you want to shape this into how you want it to look,” DesGroseilliers said.

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