Cocke County authorities say they have completed an investigation in connection with an assault that occurred in the Cocke County Jail last Friday.

Sheriff Armando Fontes said based on facts from the investigation, a criminal warrant has been issued naming inmate Kenny Ray Odell charging him with aggravated assault. At approximately 8:35 a.m., Odell was in a cell and was observed by witnesses walking toward fellow inmate Nathaniel Dexter Manning and then began assaulting Manning. Corrections officers on shift were alerted by Manning and they removed him from the cell. The injured inmate then was treated by medical staff for injuries to his face.

At approximately 9 a.m. the jail nurse finished the treatment of Manning and he was placed in the visitation area, and later was moved to a different cell. At approximately 1:15, the injured Manning requested to see the jail nurse a second time and was removed to jail medical where he was further evaluated. At that point, the medical staff decided to send Manning to the Newport Medical Center for treatment.

The sheriff pointed out that all medical decisions are made by QCHC, a contracted health care provider overseeing all jail medical issues.

Odell was being held on a federal detainer warrant and on Monday was picked up by U.S. marshalls. The Cocke County sheriff’s office has notified the federal system of the pending assault warrant and Odell will be returned to the local facility after he finishes his time in the federal system.