Newport Utilities General Manager Glenn Ray has issued an update on plans by the utility to offer Fiber Optic Broadband including triple-play (phone, entertainment and Internet) to its entire service area.

In January, the Newport City Council approved the plan and the utility board has also put in place a funding strategy and request for interim financing.

NU now has submitted its plan to the state comptroller for approval.

“Once we have that approval, we will hold a public hearing to discuss details of our Smart-Grid project which will enable us to provide these broadband services,” Ray said. The Phase 1 rollout plan includes the connection of fiber to electric substations, city of Newport, emergency services providers (police, fire departments and ambulance providers) and schools.

After final approval, plans are to begin construction of the Fiber Optic Broadband Network.

Later plans call for a Phase II Build Out Strategy for all of NU’s Service Area.

“As the general manager of Newport Utilities, I continue to protect our electric, water, and sewer customers from risk,” said Ray. “The due diligence to ensure a prudent business plan is absolutely necessary and I am confident that we will continue with that objective as we move forward.”