Joseph Prohaska, D.O. is the newest dermatologist to join the team at HealthStar Dermatology of HealthStar Physicians, P.C., located at 1907 West Morris Boulevard.

Prohaska joins an already skilled team that includes Whitney Rogers, M.M.S., P.A.-C, Jackie C. Noah, M.P.A.S., P.A.-C, and Practice Administrator Eric Manuel.

Originally from the Midwest, Prohaska and his wife are enthusiastic about the weather and mountains of East Tennessee. Prohaska comes to HealthStar Dermatology with special training in Mohs surgery, a precise technique used to remove skin cancer.

“Educating my community about skin cancer and the importance of sun protection is very important to me,” Prohaska said.

Prohaska is looking forward to working with patients at HealthStar Dermatology, because he’s impressed with the team’s focus on patient care. He comes to this position after a three-year residency at Sampson Medical Center in Sampson, N.C.

The staff at HealthStar Dermatology treats skin conditions for people of all ages, from cosmetic concerns such as acne and wrinkle treatment to medical care for rashes, infections, skin cancers and more. “We’re glad to welcome Prohaska to the clinic,” said Whitney Rogers, M.M.S., and P.A.-C. “Our clinic has a friendly, family atmosphere, and his skill set and dedication to treating skin conditions will be a real asset in caring for our patients.”

Prohaska completed medical school at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. In addition to caring for patients at Sampson Medical Center, he provided free skin cancer screening to the general public in Wilmington, N.C., and gave his time to provide EMS to members of Lifepoint Church, also in Wilmington.

“I’ve spent thousands of hours treating skin cancer,” Prohaska said. “But I believe that skin cancer prevention is equally important.”

HealthStar Physicians, P.C., is a multi-specialty physicians group consisting of more than 500 staff, more than 100 providers and 14 locations in East Tennessee. HealthStar Physicians cares for patients from birth to geriatrics, with 20 specialty services in addition to primary healthcare.

HealthStar Dermatology is currently accepting new patients, and can be contacted by phone at 423-318-0014 or at